Why a Chisel plough is our first choice tool for primary tilleage

For many years’ farmers, have been tilling the land using plough. However, it has been noted that chisel plough is a very economical way to get your deep tillage done quickly. It has a relatively low initial cost compared to … Read More

How To Join Tinga, East Africa’s Largest Network of Tractors & Farm Equipment

Tinga Rental Services ( TINGA ) is the East Africa’s Largest network of tractorss and equipment.  We enable farmers to jointly access affordable, efficient and reliable farm mechanization services such as chisel ploughing, plouging, harrowing, no-till planting, planting, spraying and … Read More

New app enabling farmers access tractor services with ease

For many years, farmers in East Africa have had a hard time accessing farm machinery to work on their farms due to financial and credit limitations. As a result, most farmers are unable to purchase or maintain farm equipment due … Read More