For many years’ farmers, have been tilling the land using plough. However, it has been noted that chisel plough is a very economical way to get your deep tillage done quickly. It has a relatively low initial cost compared to other tools. It has the ability to till on bed at a time. It can be adjusted to till deep or shallow and it does not invert the soil profile. The chisel plough performs the initial loosening of the soil while leaving the trash on top. It is usually set at 8” to 12” deep. The maximum depth is 18”

Plow tillage also revert organic matter from building on the soil. Chisel tillage will reduce erosion It Can aid in the conservation of soil moisture or droughty soil. Reduced tillage also saves time compared to lough tillage as well as reducing fuel and machinery cost.

It’s usually excellent for furrow irrigation or poorly drained soil. Ridges warm up and dry up quickly. Well suited for organic production. Chisel tillage reduces soil temperatures so corn and soy beans get off to a slower start. It can also reduce crop stand because the seedbed may be rougher.

Major disadvantage is the cooler spring soil temperatures that contributes to delayed crop development so corn may be wetter at harvest causing higher grain-drying costs. No till also leaves soils wetter in spring which can be problematic on soil with drainage problems. It can increase pest problems and the increased soil strength can inhibit early-season root growth on poorly structured soils in dry springs.

Lack of best practices in farming has been a thorny issue in Africa, this has been costings farmers billions of shillings every season. Chiselling being one of the mechanized services, farmers will enjoy immense benefits.

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